Student-Powered. Teacher-Led. Crowd funded.

How It Works

With Think It Up, students and teachers work together to develop projects that bring learning to life. Once posted to, every Think It Up project receives 50% of the funding it needs to get off the ground — then the crowdfunding community kicks in the rest. Here’s everything you need to get started.

Step 1

Brainstorm Together

The best learning projects happen when teachers and students collaborate.

Step 2

Get Resources

Get a head start with our criteria for rigorous projects, lesson plans and project development resources.

Step 3

Get Inspired

Check out these sample projects by subject area to get the creative juices flowing.

Step 4

Get Started

Teachers: Start Your “Student-Led” project on Once your project is funded, materials will ship directly to your school.

Resource Center

Think It Up: A Changemaker’s Guide

Think It Up projects promote problem-solving, social-emotional learning, and student agency.

Teachers Start Here Learn more about changemaking